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​Our Financials

The Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation is grateful to our donors for their financial support and their commitment to students and education. With our donors’ interests always in mind, we maintain strong internal controls for cash management, we carefully plan our program spending based upon our success in fundraising, and we work diligently to keep our administrative and fundraising costs low. The foundation operates with volunteers and has no paid employees. We make a deliberate effort to put donor dollars into the classrooms within the school year.


K-5 Reading Intervention & Enhancement
(for all 5) Elementary Schools
 – $4,000 each schools or $20,000.00 

Middle Schools Math Intervention & Enrichment – $5,000.00 each or $15,000 

Mt. Si High School, after school Math Tutor Program – $5,000 

All Math Academy for High School Math Teachers – $5,600 

Middle Schools, Rosetta Stone Language Software – $3,825 

Middle Schools, GPS Technology Systems – $5,000 

Classroom Grants – $15,000