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 In-Person Event at Mount Si High School

Goal: Raising critical funds for our Foundation's ongoing work in funding meaningful and essential programs in the Snoqualmie Valley, such as classroom grants, district initiatives, professional development and other education programs.

The event celebrates innovation in education and grant-funded projects that enhance student learning experience. Moreover, we recognize the excellence of our educators and honor the sponsors who make this happen. Your support will inspire students and teachers while promoting your business as an advocate for education and community in Snoqualmie Valley.

The Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation encourages excellence and assures opportunities in education for every student, in every school, every day in the Snoqualmie Valley School District.

Our Vision

Successful students, a thriving community and a vibrant future for the Snoqualmie Valley

Who We Are

The Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 charitable foundation. We are comprised entirely of volunteer parents, community members, and business sponsors.

Originally started as Citizens for Better Schools, the Foundation has been funding Classroom Grants for over 30 years. In the last few years the Foundation significantly increased its impact on the students in the Snoqualmie Valley School District by also funding meaningful and essential District-Wide Initiatives and Professional Development opportunities for teachers.

Core Values

COMMUNITY – We contribute to the development of future leaders and responsible citizens for our community through our commitment to excellence in education and assuring opportunities.

​​COLLABORATION – We collaborate with students, teachers, administrators, community members, and business partners to support excellence in education.

​INNOVATION – We strive for solutions through innovative processes, technologies, and services that add value to the education of our students and staff in every classroom.

​EMPOWERMENT – We provide tools to empower students and staff throughout the District to be the best they can be and provide passion for lifelong learning.

What We Do


Some Examples:

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) - internationally-recognized, college-readiness program for eligible middle school and high school students.

Literacy for Life - reading support groups, a volunteer reading buddy program, and a literacy coordinator.

Math Intervention at every middle school helps students master the skills needed to advance to progressively more challenging math courses.

TEALS (Technology Education and Literacy in Schools) at Mt. Si High School - opportunity to explore computer science and to learn programming skills working with seasoned Microsoft professionals in the classroom.

IXL Learning Math Tools - elementary school students learn to love math while they practice and play with math skills through games.

Foreign language learners at the middle school level throughout the district benefit from anytime‐anywhere access to Rosetta Stone lessons and tools available online.


The Foundation supports

innovation and forward-thinking ideas through its long standing

Classroom Grant Program funding.

The program is open to all educators, classified staff and associated school groups. 

Applications are usually accepted at the start of each school year. Please contact committee chair, Janell Wickersham at with any questions.​

Some Recent Grants (2018):

- Digital Fabrication Makers Space -

- Coding in the Classroom -

- Throwable Microphone -

- Microscope Our School -

- Digital Microscope -

- Growth Mindset with STEM Games! -

- Think Tank -

- MakerSpace Lego Education WeDo Kits -

- Student Standing Tables and Stools -

- STEM Hydraulic Makers Set -

- Building Design Thinking -

- Pedal Desks -


AVID Teacher Training

The Foundation supported initial teacher training and train-the-trainer professional development in preparation for AVID Program Launch at District level.


STEM Support - Snoqualmie Valley teachers participated in a Professional Development Day at Institute for Systems Biology. A student’s passport to opportunity is directly related to their mastery of math and science. A STEM curriculum focuses on inquiry‐based instruction. Engaging students in learning how to explore problems, evaluate alternatives, and identify answers or solutions will equip them for the real world and their futures.


District Art Fair - a series of two hour professional development classes to support art education to K-5 teachers in elementary classrooms across the district-all five elementary schools.


Educator of the Year

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SVSF 2022 Educator of the Year Spotlight Video

Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation
SVSF 2022 Educator of the Year Spotlight Video
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SVSF 2022 Educator of the Year Spotlight Video

SVSF 2022 Educator of the Year Spotlight Video

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2019 Educator of the Year Awards

2019 Educator of the Year Awards

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SVSF 2018 Educator of the Year Spotlight Video

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2017 SVSF Educator of the Year

2017 SVSF Educator of the Year

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Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation

P.O. Box 724

Fall City, Washington 98024-0724


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