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     DONATE!        VOLUNTEER!

The Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation Board is made up of local volunteers from across the valley: parents, teachers, grandparents, and community members interested in strong schools in our Valley. Our mission drives us to raise funds to help bridge gaps in funding at schools across the district. We meet as a board once each month throughout the school year (typically Thursday evenings).  Board members are expected to be active participants at meetings and are also vital in our committees: Classroom Grants Programs, Fundraising, Luncheon, and Events Coordination.  Our busiest times of year are Jan.-Mar. in preparation for our luncheon.  Summers are quiet and we usually only meet in August as schools start to ramp up again. Come and share your talent and time with us!

The Foundation is seeking to fund new programs that will stimulate District students’ interests across all areas of education. Innovative, sustainable programs and activities that will capture and spark learning for all students are highly encouraged.

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